Current Freebies: 12 Parvati & 5 Afghan Mix Seeds

Freebies with all orders of any strain in large or small quantities are now 12 Parvati seeds and 5 Afghan Mix seeds.

2 for 1 offers are also ong for Manipuri and Ukhrul, which are two authentic traditional ganja domesticates.

Parvati strains are sadly no longer pristine. Hybrid seed has been taken to Kullu and Parvati in increasing quantity in recent years. That means Malana village too.

Disinformation on this issue is rife on the Internet, not least Instagram, where increasing numbers of Internet-savvy youngsters from cities such as Delhi and Bombay are spreading nonsense about the botany and culture of Cannabis. That includes claiming that strains from this region are unaffected by Dutch and American genetics.