Tripleberry x Blue Moonshine


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Genetics: Hybrid
Type: Indica-Sativa
Indoors: 52 – 58 days
Outdoors: late-September to early-October 

Pre-2000 Blue Moonshine meets Tripleberry.

The Moonshine is a Sativa-dominant phenotype of Blue Moonshine and gives an early flowering time outdoors from clone. Like many DJ and Blueberry strains, a longer veg and bigger rootball produce some truly amazing growth rates.

The Blue Moonshine has spicy/chocolate and herbal scents and heavy frost, whereas the Tripeberry adds resin, structure, and flower size, while reducing flowering time slightly.
Expect a finish time indoors of 52-58 days indoors and some truly exemplary plants.
Outdoors most will finish in the first week of October.
Recommended for those who enjoy the early DJ offerings with an extra punch

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