Chitrali #2


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Genetics: Pure Hindu Kush Landrace Strain
Sourcing: Sourced by Landrace Genetics in Chitral, 2018
Purpose: Charas (sieved)
Latitude: 35° N
Harvest: October
Height: Up to 3 metres
Aroma: Intense sweet hash, mint, fruit
Characteristics: Large, heavily branched, broad- to medium-width leaflets, CBD
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, or indoors

A pure landrace strain direct from Chitral, home to the highest mountains of the Hindu Kush, and a crucial centre of cannabis culture and biodiversity.

This landrace was sourced from charas farmers in Chitral. Intensely resinous plants with broad to narrow leaflets. Aromas range from citrus, through sweet hashish and mint to gas. Expect variations on the Chitrali landrace theme, and plants ranging from THC- to CBD-dominant, as is typical of Hindu Kush resin landraces.

This accession was made in the Kunar River valley close to the border of Afghanistan and the region formerly known as Kafiristan. The Kunar Valley is believed by some experts to the origin of Indica-type cannabis.

This is a new opportunity to obtain first-generation genetics from this invaluable landrace region. Essential for serious collectors.

the Kunar River, putative origin of Indica-type cannabis, flowing through the Chitrali Hindu Kush

mountains above the Kunar River, which is believed to be the origin of Indica-type landrace strains

the Kunar River as it flows through the Chitrali Hindu Kush on its way to Kafiristan, now Nuristan, in Afghanistan

Nikolai Vavilov, whose expedition to the Hindu Kush in 1924 first documented Indica-type landrace strains

Nikolai Vavilov’s 1929 account of his expedition to the Hindu Kush, where he documented Indica-type landrace strains

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