Palmera THCV


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Genetics: African (‘Congo’) IBL
Type: Sativa-type
Aroma: Mango, guava, ripe fruit
Indoors: 8 to 9 weeks
Outdoors: September

Developed from a Sativa heirloom from the Canary Islands of Spain, Palmera has roots in African (‘Congo’) varieties.

Seeds stored in 2004 yielded several females rich in THCV, a trait which is now well stabilized.

A fast Sativa-type strain at 60 days of flowering, harvested in September outdoors.

Flowers are richly aromatic and resinous, with very sweet aromas of mango, guava, and ripe fruit. Resin obtained from this variety is a real delicacy.

Sales will be used to continue working the variety to eliminate unwanted traits such as hermaphroditism.

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