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Genetics: Wild-growing Cannabis, Tatarstan (Middle Volga), Russia
Sourcing: Independent collector, Tatarstan, 2020
Purpose: n/a
Latitude: 55┬░ N
Harvest: n/a
Height: [uncertain]
Aroma: n/a
Characteristics: Very early maturing or day-neutral, hardy
Classification: C. sativa subsp. sativa var. spontanea (?)
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse

Seeds from wild-type stands in the Tatarstan region of the Western Steppe, continuous with a very early centre of Cannabis domestication associated with the Yamnaya culture c. 3000 BCE, among the strongest candidates for the Proto-Indo-Europeans.

These are ruderal plants which are unlikely to have much if any THC content. However, Cannabis has grown wild in these regions for several million years, according to fossil-pollen records, making these highly significant centres of variation.

Where applicable, see the following note on germinating wild-type Cannabis seeds.

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