Tripleberry F2


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Genetics: Hybrid
Type: Indica-Sativa
Indoors: 52 – 58 days
Outdoors: mid- to late-September

An early colourful Durban IBL / Pakistani Chitral Kush hybrid forms the basis of this strain. Coveted Blueberry strains, including MOB, an early DJ selection, and a pre-2000 era Blueberry sativa were then added.

Scents range from musky forest berries, jam, and blueberry candy to pungent Durban / chemical aromas. Purple and pink phenotypes show in about 40% of progeny in testing. Expect some phenotypical variation but with stable flowering times and quality.

A large number of females and males were selected to reduce bottlenecking, increase variety, and find exemplary specimens. Selection focused on berry aromas and flavours, as well as colourful buds. Yield, finishing time, and resistance were also prioritised.

Most phenos sit middway between indica and sativa. The buzz is strong and calming with slight euphoric and energetic effects when not over-consumed.

Outdoors, landrace parentage allows an early finish (mid-late September), large yields, and excellent resistance to PM and bud rot. Photosensitivity may be exhibited if transferred outdoors in early spring from indoor lighting over 18 hours.

Bag appeal is very high.

Feeding considerations: Moderate-heavy feeder. Tends to hold nitrogen into late flower; however, no adverse effects on taste have been noted.

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