Landraces: Myth-Busting Wild Cannabis and Traditional Strains

Landrace enthusiasts and aficionados, there’s a must-read new post at the Real Seed Co blog.

Angus from Real Seed Co looks at a historic event: Nikolai Vavilov’s 1924 expedition to Afghanistan.

On this trip, four decades before the Hippie Trail, Vavilov documented the hash crops near Balkh (Mazar-i-Sharif) and, while in the Hindu Kush, authored the afghanica taxon. His observations help us to answer crucial questions such as whether people are right to call landraces wild plants.

In 2019, landraces are getting hit by as much misinformation and disinformation as they are hybrid pollen.

Real Seed Co gives you honest and accurate information so you can sort the fact from the fiction.

Vavilov’s account of his 1924 expedition to Afghanistan