Landrace Talk with Angus on the ‘Curious About Cannabis’ Podcast

The complete close to 3-hour chat between Angus and Jason for the excellent Curious About Cannabis podcast is now on Stitcher, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to your podcasts.

Landraces were the focus, but that took us everywhere from Axial Age Central Asia to 1920s Afghanistan and 70s countercultural America. We journeyed from sacramental use by Scythians, qalandars, and sadhus to the nuances of the Schultes and Vavilov taxonomies. Enjoy!

NOTE: In passing, I inadvertently misrepresent the Schultes taxonomy as it was in the early ’70s court cases. For more accurate details, see my recent ramble about Indica landraces and Cannabis taxonomy.

The photo by Lucas Strazzeri is of a landrace he collected from Tashkurgan (Kholm), northern Afghanistan in 2018.