Burmese – new at The Real Seed Company

A new accession direct from Shan State, an ethnically Tai region of Burma.

‘Tai’ refers collectively to Thai, Lao, Shan and many other groups from Southeast Asia, all of who share – to greater or lesser degrees – a tradition of cultivating cannabis as a household plant.

The custom is especially closely associated with the Lao people of Central Laos and northern Isan – not, as often wrongly assumed by Westerners, with Thais per se. In fact, evidence from historical documents and Thai literature suggests that Thais looked down on cultivation and consumption of ganja as a disreputable habit specific to the Lao.

Our team is very confident – as Lao people born in Laos long prior to the hybrid era – that these accessions are pristine. This confidence is based not only on knowing the plants and products but on a understanding of how the production and economy of ganja works in these regions – an understanding conspicuously absent from much of the armchair speculation informing current received wisdom about “Thai” landraces.