Friesland Indica (M33)



Genetics: Dutch Heirloom
Type: Indica-type
Indoors: c. 55 63 days
Outdoors: mid-September

A pristine Canadian line of the stalwart Dutch outdoor classic, Friesland (M33). Ultra-easy and reliable for far northern or southern climes due to its superior mold and cold resistance. Flowering starts in July outdoors and finishes in mid- to late-September. This isn’t an autoflowering strain, but it is very early maturing.

Big plants with heavy branching, this Friesland Indica can yield up to 900 grams per plant. Buds are large and quite dense, with a strong dominant aroma of pine.

Yes, this is the pure Friesland (M33) and has not been hybridized.

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15 seeds, 5 seeds