Landrace Strains with Angus from The Real Seed Company

Here’s a podcast episode with Angus from The Real Seed Company where he and Conor from CANNAMANtv journey deep into the world of cannabis landraces: their botany, the charas trade, use in warfare, role in alchemy and mysticism, and more….

This is the first interview Angus recorded with Conor and provides a good overview of the rarely glimpsed world out of which landraces emerged – long before they were brought west by hippies and smugglers to form the basis of the modern strains most of us smoke today.

The second interview goes deeper into the shared history of cannabis and alchemy.

The image shows East Indies trade routes of the 11th Century, at the middle of which is the Bay of Bengal, which was soon to become the centre of gravity of ganja culture, Sativas, and a product we now know as ‘bud’ or ‘sinsemilla’.