Skunk Clones in Amsterdam – 1993

Here’s some footage of street vendors selling cuttings (‘clones’) of Skunk and Super Skunk in early 90s Amsterdam. The year is either 1993 or 1994, when Series 2 of the classic 90s UK TV series Eurotrash aired, and we follow transvestite stand-up comedian Julian Clary to the annual celebration of Queen’s Day.

Clary: ‘Ooh, these are nice. These would look nice in my window box. What’s it called?

Vendor: ‘It’s called Skunk.’

Clary: ‘Skunk? Is that the Latin name?’

Vendor: ‘No, it’s not the Latin name. It’s a nickname because it smells quite strongly.’

Clary: ‘Like a Skunk!’

Vendor: ‘Exactly – No, not like a Skunk but a Skunk also smells quite strongly.’

Clary: ‘I’ve found a friend!’

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