1990 Durban Skunk F1


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Genetics: Nirvana ‘Durban Poison’ x 1990 ‘Durban Poison x Skunk No. 1’
Type: Sativa-dom
Indoors: 8 to 9 weeks
Outdoors: October

Original 1990 Amsterdam ‘Durban Poison x Skunk No. 1’ genetics resurrected from long-term storage to create an ‘F1’ between a vigorous, intensely pungent 1990 male and two choice Nirvana ‘Durban Poison’ mothers selected for powerful aromas and resin production.

The large robust 1990 father exhibits double-serrated leaflets and brings excellent old-school pedigree in the form of the original ’80s ‘Skunk No. 1’. Add to that, this parent is only a few generations removed from the South African landrace it’s said was introduced to the Netherlands around 1985.

On the maternal side, Nirvana’s ‘Durban Poison’ is regarded as the truest to the old-school landrace hybrid that made the ‘Durban Poison x Skunk No. 1’ line famous in late-80s Amsterdam. Classic menthol, licorice, and anise blends with earthy tropical ganja and traditional ‘Skunk’ flavours.

The resulting ‘F1’ generation is vigorous and shows double-serrated leaflets. Expect the 1990 ‘Skunk No. 1’ and closeness to the original Durban parentage to shine through with an intense uplifting high that’s ideal for tokers and breeders in love with the positivity of the old-school classics.

Durban-leaning indivduals show classic lime-green Sativa colouration, whereas the Skunk-leaning are deep Afghan green. Likewise, the Durban side have spicy floral scents, while the Skunk type are powerfully pungent and skunky.

Both variants can cope with high levels of nutrients like today’s hybrids but are sensitive to being pot-bound, preferring to have compost to root into.

This is a limited release until we’ve taken this to the F3 generation.

Note that only Nirvana are transparent about how the Amsterdam ‘Durban’ line is not a pristine landrace but in fact a hybrid with ‘Skunk’. Other cannabis seedbanks give the impression they’re offering an authentic landrace while actually selling a hybrid, as was demonstrated back in the late 1990s by Patrick Matthews in ‘Cannabis Culture’ using a simple Mendelian test cross of the Sensi Seeds version.

Regular seeds, not feminized.

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