Cindy 99 (Cinderella 99)


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Genetics: Cinderella 99
Type: Sativa-dom
Indoors: 50 days

Cindy 99 is a fantastic heirloom strain famed for its potent Haze high, mouth-watering tropical fruit flavours, and rapid finishing time⁠—at just 50 days of 12/12. It’s been called the “Holy Grail” for indoor growers looking for a Sativa with lightning-strike potency.

Created by Brothers Grimm in the ’90s, this stabilized hybrid is short-statured and heavily branched with long, dense colas, an excellent bract-to-leaf ratio, and outrageous resin production. Brothers Grimm shut down in 2002 and reopened in 2016 with resurrected seed stock.

Kwik Seeds offers a North American continuation of the original ’90s creation. It’s the result of recombining two pure, parallel Cinderella 99 lines using a total of 18 parent plants. Vigor has been improved and some structural diversity added. All plants show mouth-watering citrus and fruit aromas, exceptional potency, and early maturation.

This is the original Cinderella 99, a classic Sativa-type hybrid. As stated in the 1990s description: “her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive…. Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is selected and asexually propagated.”

Kwik Seeds now offers an amazing range of true-breeding heirlooms including Deep Chunk, X18, Friesland, and Congolese, all at the nicest prices.

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