Genetics: Himalayan Resin Cultigen, Parvati Strain
Sourcing: The Real Seed Company, Parvati, Indian Himalaya, Winter 2022
Purpose: Charas (hand-rubbed resin); fibre; seeds
Latitude: 32° N
Harvest: Late-September through October
Height: 3 6 metres
Aroma: Floral, fruity, orange, mango, ‘hash’
Characteristics: Hardy, resinous, long internodes, tall, CBD
Grow Type: Greenhouse or outdoors

A resinous charas cultigen from the famed Parvati Valley region of the Indian Himalaya. The Parvati strain produces soft, sticky resin, similar to the famous Malana Cream charas.

The Parvati strain is tall and lanky, with long internodes and sparse resinous buds, as is typical of Himalayan landraces. Aromas are floral and fruity, with deeper ‘hashy’ notes. Feral ‘jungli’ phenotypes may be exhibited, as in all Himalayan landraces. CBD and THCV have been reported in Parvati strains, as in other Himalayan landrace such as those from Nepal. Himalayan landraces are traditionally employed for medicine. Previous Parvati accessions from The Real Seed Company have had positive feedback from medicinal growers. As with all traditional charas/hashish cultigens, chemotypes with significant levels of CBD are common.

Cultivated at over 2500 metres, this Parvati strain is well adapted to extremes of weather such as intense rain, cold, and wind. It should cope well outdoors in damp northern regions, where it has been reported to withstand rain, damp, and wind.

Landraces in Parvati are increasingly affected by introduced modern hybrids. Contamination is likely to have resulted in a number of plants showing ‘skunky’ terpenes and hybrid-like leaflets. Collectors are advised that purity cannot be guaranteed. Equally, this problem will only worsen, so it’s advisable to acquire seeds sooner rather than later. Note that broad leaflets during early vegetative stage are characteristic of pure traditional Himalayan landraces.

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