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Genetics: Heirloom Congolese Ganja Strain
Sourcing: Genebank, via collector
Purpose: Ganja (bud)
Latitude: 4° S
Height: +2 meters outdoors
Flowering: 90 to 120 days
Characteristics: Classic Sativa-type tropical ganja landrace
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A sought-after Congolese strain. The original Congolese landrace from equatorial Africa has undergone several generations of breeding in Spain, making it well-suited to indoors.

This Congolese strain has a long-lasting euphoric high that’s social and creative but calming and anti-anxiety towards its close.

Classic ganja aromas of chocolate, coffee, incense, and leather, with some phenotypes more fruity and sweet.

Lime-green foliage is typical, with architecture like classic Thai landraces. Some specimens exhibit Christmas-tree forms.

Limited intersex traits (less than 5%) are usual and nutrient tolerance is good, though limited feeding is necessary. 6 – 8 times stretch in flower can be expected. Tolerance for heat and humidity is good. Internodes are long but with quite dense buds.

This inbred Congolese landrace has excellent breeding potential.

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