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Genetics: Traditional Afghan Domesticate (“Landrace”)
Sourcing: Landrace Genetics, Balkh, Northern Afghanistan, 2018
Purpose: Charas (sieved cannabis resin)
Latitude: 36° N
Harvest: October
Height: 1 3 metres
Characteristics: Intense aromas, heavy branching, medium leaflet width
Classification: C. sativa subsp. indica var. afghanica
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A traditional domesticate from Balkh, the hashish heartland of northern Afghanistan, a crucial centre of cannabis culture and biodiversity.

This is a resinous and heavily branched strain with intense aromas ranging from citrus and lime to pine, sandlewood, and burnt rubber. Semi-dwarf, often with almost spherical architecture.

As with all resin cultigens, expect to find chemotypes ranging from THC- to CBD-dominant, as well as other cannabinoids such as THCV.

This accession differs from the very large north Afghan strain sold by Real Seed Co as Mazar-i-Sharif.

Highly recommend to breeders. Essential for collectors.

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