Colombia 90 (Fem)


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Genetics: 1990 Colombian Commercial Landrace-Hybrid (Colombian American)
Type: Sativa-dom
Height: [Forthcoming]
Indoors: [Forthcoming]
Outdoors: Mid-October to mid-November

Resurrected directly from seeds from Colombian export bud that were stored since c. 1990. This is a hybridized landrace that was being used for commercial production: high-yielding with a strong up high.

Bud density is high. Odour during flower is low.

Sativa morphology is still evident. Whorled phyllotaxy may show during vegetative growth.

Easy to grow and finish outside in warm climates. In cold damp climates mold is a potential risk.

Reports from concentrates are of psychedelic effects.

NOTE: For the sake of clarity, because a couple of people have asked: No, we have not hybridized this strain. The original 1990 accession was from a hybridized landrace being used for commercial export production. We don’t know what modern hybrid was used in the cross, but the structure appears similar to “Kush” type strains.

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