Colombia 90 (Fem)


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Genetics: 1990 Colombian (Colombian Gold x Northern Lights)
Type: Sativa-dom
Height: [Forthcoming]
Indoors: [Forthcoming]
Outdoors: Mid-October to mid-November

Resurrected directly from Colombian export seeds stored since c. 1990.

Big yields and intense uplifting highs that edge on psychedelic.

‘Colombia 90’ is a Colombian cross we believe almost certainly originates from combining a ‘Colombian Gold’ with an old ‘Northern Lights’.

Whorled phyllotaxy may show during vegetative growth. Low odour during flower. Sativa architecture but with high bud density.

Cures to sweet citrus herbal scents, a total antithesis to modern hybrids.

Very hardy and stress tolerant. Highly recommended for outdoors in regions with mild autumns.

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