Mango Thai


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Genetics: Traditional Lao Thai Ganja Domesticate (“Landrace”)
Sourcing: The Real Seed Company, Laos, Southeast Asia, 2021
Purpose: Ganja (seedless or lightly seeded buds)
Latitude: 18° N
Regional Harvest: late December to early January
Height: 2 – 4 metres
Characteristics: Mango, tobacco, earthiness, musk; intense, luminous high; Sativa-type architecture
Grow Type: Greenhouse or outdoors

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A classic Lao Thai landrace strain that’s powerfully aromatic and can exhibit intense potency. Two main variants are exhibited, one with strong fruit scents redolent of mango and papaya, the other with ‘darker’ and earthier aromas akin to tobacco, leather, spices, and musk.

Mango plants tend to be lighter, softer green in colour. The richer, more tobacco-scented plants typically have darker-coloured bracts, a trait that’s enhanced on curing. Buds are resinous and will coat a joint in oil during smoking. Smoke is thick, flavourful, and smooth.

This particular ganja landrace is most closely associated with Central Laos, particularly Vientiane Province, though it can be found under cultivation in Isan, Northeast Thailand. Whether it’s Thai or Lao is open to interpretation. Northern Isan and Central Laos face each other on opposite banks of the Mekong River, which functions to connect the the two regions economically and culturally. The language of northern Isan is Lao, and local people often refer to the region collectively as ‘Meuang Lao’.

This particular accession was in fact made further north in Laos, where an ethnic-minority village had been contracted to raise the crop by Thais. These Thai ganja smugglers had provided the farmers with seed. They also instructed farmers in key techniques such as the correct spacing of plants, when to harvest, and how to identify and rogue out males. Buds were skillfully grown, only very lightly seeded, and nicely cured.

Highly recommended to breeders, essential for collectors.

NOTE: These seeds are from the same source as the original accession of ‘Mango Thai’ (i.e., not the 2019 Vientiane one) – namely tribal farmers contracted by a Thai broker to cultivate ganja for the Thai market.

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