Skunk Special 90 (Fem)


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Genetics: 1990 Skunk Special
Type: Sativa-dom
Indoors: 55 to 75 days

Resurrected directly from original Skunk Special seeds acquired in 1990 Amsterdam, this is an old-school Skunk with a high that really gets you fully high.

Indoors this is a medium-sized Sat-dom plant.

Sweet and herbal aromas show during growth, with no Afghan pong. Buds are purple or green with beautiful orange stigmas.

Two main variants are exhibited based on leaf shape and size, with the purple perhaps leaning to the Mexican side and the green to the Colombian.

Buds cure to fruit aromas such as citrus peel and burnt orange. Density is retained on drying. Generally this is a low odour plant during growth and storage. When smoked, buds hit you with the familiar stink of Skunk.

A strong but very pleasant high that makes for good daytime smoke. None of the paranoia or dysphoria for which modern Skunk lines and their offshoots are notorious.

An excellent base from which to create distinctive new strains or perfect classics.

See also the Skunk Special 90 x Skunk No. 1 (2009).

Feminized seeds.

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