Australian Bastard Cannabis (A.B.C.)


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Genetics: Australian Bastard Cannabis
Indoors: 56 – 70 Days
Outdoors: September

‘Australian Bastard Cannabis’ is a legendary stealth strain from Australia. Also known as ‘ABC’ or ‘Bindi Buds’, this strain has a very unusual appearance that makes it ideal for guerilla grows.

As well as looking so unlike cannabis that it’s difficult to impossible to identify, ‘Australian Bastard Cannabis’ has the further strengths of low odour and a very early finish outdoors.

Up close the aroma of ‘ABC’ is lemon and pine with fresh fennel, but passers-by are unlikely to catch wind of any cannabis scents.

The camouflage traits of ‘Australian Bastard Cannabis’ are stabilized, allowing growers to maintain the line in seed form.

There are various theories about the origin of ‘ABC’. The strain is said to date back to the ’70s. Some aficionados believe it arose from Indian cannabis introduced into Australia in the nineteenth century crossing with ’70s imports from regions such as Thailand or Papua New Guinea.

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