Genetics: North Afghan Domesticate (“Landrace”)
Sourcing: Landrace Genetics, Jowzjan Province, northern Afghanistan, 2018 harvest
Purpose: Charas (sieved resin)
Latitude: 37° N
Harvest: October to November
Height: Up to 3 metres
Characteristics: Broad- to medium-width leaflets, intense resin
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A pure Afghan landrace strain from Sheberghan, a renowned centre of charas (hashish) production in northern Afghanistan. Sheberghan is an ethnically Uzbek region, linking it to the historic centres of cannabis culture to its north in Bukhara. Landraces from Sheberghan were scientifically documented as early as 1924 by the Russian botanist and geneticist, Nikolai Vavilov.

Seeds of this Afghan landrace were obtained directly from skilled charas farmers. As is typical of northern Afghan landraces, this Sheberghan strain is large-leaved, resinous, and heavily branched. Expect intense aromas of citrus, fruit, and hash.

Harvest in this region is from October to early December. Farmers favour leaving crops late, well into senescence, which is believed to yield the finest resin.

Chemotypes range from THC- to CBD-dominant. Other cannabinoids such as THCV are likely to be exhibited.

Highly recommend to breeders. Essential for landrace collectors.

Vavilov’s 1929 account of his 1924 expeditionto Afghanistan, on which he documented northern Afghan landraces

Nikolai Vavilov, renowned Russian botanist, agronomist, and geneticist

Afghan members of Vavilov’s 1924 expedition

Map of regions covered by Vavilov’s 1924 expedition to Afghanistan showing Sheberghan in the far north

Vavilov’s 1929 account of his 1924 expedition


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