New Freebies With All Orders: Friesland (5 Seeds) + Johaar (12 Seeds)

NOTE: This offer is now closed (20/11/2019).

We’ve got some great freebies for you.

All orders receive 5 seeds of Friesland (M33) and 12 seeds of Johaar.

Plus, with any of the Himalayan landraces, you receive a further 12 seeds of the Kumaoni.

Friesland (M33) is the authentic Super Sativa Seed Club line. It’s a highly regarded true-breeding strain, apparently of Hindu Kush origin.

The Kumaoni and Johaar are genuine traditional landraces from the Kumaon Himalaya, where they’re cultivated for production of fibre, seed, and charas. The Kumaoni seeds are ex-stock, c. 75% viable, but still producing very vigorous plants.

The photo shows the Friesland (M33) outdoors on 7th September at 56°N. It’s a hardy, early maturing strain that performs superbly outdoors at high latitudes. It’s known for its intense pine aromas.