Erdpurt x Friesland – Buy One Get One Free ‘Friesland M33’

Our ‘Erdpurt x Freisland’ is on a special offer: Buy One Get One Free.

Every pack of ‘Erdpurt x Friesland’ will receive a free pack of ‘Friesland M33’

This is a different line of ‘Friesland’ from our current ‘Friesland Indica’, but it’s another superb representation of this proven outdoor classic.

There’s also a Buy One Get One Free now available on our Syrian cannabis landrace. You can get the Syrian cannabis landrace at The Real Seed Company site too.

The photo shows our ‘Friesland Indica’ doing its thing in a customer grow in North America.

Never crossed, our ‘Friesland Indica’ and freebie ‘Friesland’ are two distinct lines of the real ‘Friesland (M33)’.

The ‘Friesland’ strain is outstanding for working outdoors at northern latitudes – hardy, fast, and producing loads of good, sticky, pine-scented buds.

Always maintain the heirlooms and landraces in your collection in their pure form.

An easy way to do this is to let all the healthy males in your grow briefly drop pollen very in early flower before you cull them. The ‘elephant seed’ from the best-performing females can be used for your next grow.

‘Elephant seed’ is a term used by South Indian ganja farmers for the large seeds produced when female plants are pollinated very early in flowering. Very early pollination means that up next to the stems at their nodes there are one or two plump seeds, while the bulk of the bud remains seedless.

By using all healthy males you ensure the line retains vigour and a desirable level of variation. That variation is important in order for the strain to adapt to the specific features of your region – e.g., its climate, soil type, and pests and diseases.

‘Variety is the spice of life’ and ensuring this variety is there for future generations to benefit from and enjoy is only fair.