Bliss (Strawberry Cough x Cinderella 99)


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Genetics: Strawberry Cough x Cinderella 99
Type: Sativa-dom
Yield: Above average
Indoors: 8 weeks

Strawberry Cough and Cinderella 99 are two of Whish Seeds’ favorite plants to work with.

A Sativa-lover’s dream, Bliss displays favorite qualities from each parent. Reliable CBD levels and medicinal qualities are imparted by Strawberry Cough, fusing with the irresistible sweet citrus stink, cerebral high, and early finishing time of Cinderella 99.

Both parents are heavily selected and stable for many of their traits so you can expect a fairly uniform crop with good hybrid vigor. Bliss can tolerate some cold but generally prefers hot, dry conditions. Substantial side branching makes a good candidate for training or SCROG (Screen of Green) growing.

Maintaining the medicinal value of each parent, this cross is an excellent choice for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant use, leaving you in a true state of Bliss.

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