Cider Kush (X18)




Genetics: X18 (Californian Pakistani Hindu Kush)
Type: Pure Indica-type
Indoors: c. 63 days
Outdoors: mid-October

This is a Spanish recension of the original Tom Hill X18, a renowned true-breeding Indica-Type strain with roots in the Pakistani Hindu Kush. X18 is said to have been introduced to Northern California in the 1980s. Crucially, it’s believed to have never been outcrossed and breeds true for many traits.

This Spanish continuation of the X18 has two main phenotypes, one sour and one sweet. The sour type has a powerful apple cider aroma. The sweet type has candy, pear, apple, and grape scents.

A good breeding parent, its hybrid offspring exhibit denser, more resinous buds and intensified aromas.

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